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Practice-based research

Traces blurs signs no meaning (Triggs, 2010)

Traces blurs signs no meaning is an multi-screen, interdisciplinary artwork created in response to Samuel Beckett’s short prose piece Ping (1967). It is uses experimental moving-image to explore and play with the ideas of multiplicity, fluidity and the creativity of reading/viewing that are key to Beckett’s minimalist text. See some of the stills from the film.

The Unnamable (Triggs, 1999)

Unnamable Cover

“There is a sort of comfort in the dry, bare language, in the spooky imagery and the incantatory repetitions.” (Howard Kinley, Irish Times)

The Unnamable, an interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s novel, was my first short-film. First published in French in 1952, the book contains what is now thought of as some of Beckett’s most important writing. It is a non-narrative, rambling kind of a text. It seems to step outside of itself, containing and encompassing the characters of previous Beckett novels. Its setting is inside the confines of the mind, and its voice is the creator of language in his struggle to write. This is a text that needs to be heard out loud.


2010 Traces blurs signs no meaning: a response to Samuel Beckett’s Ping (multi-screen video-installation), Tent Gallery, ECA
2010 PhD exhibition (multi-screen synched digital video-installation), Inspace Gallery, Edinburgh
2006 Doppelgangers (joint show with Edinburgh artist Tessa Smith), Total Kunst, Edinburgh
1999 Masters Degree Exhibition (drawings and film showing), Edinburgh College of Art
1998 Showgirls (billboard exhibition), Sheffield
1997 Young Blood (group show), Gracefield Arts, Dumfries

Film Screenings of The Unnamable

2008 Beckett and Company: A Centenary conference on Beckett and the Arts (in association with Tate Modern, Goldsmiths, Birkbeck College and the London Consortium)
2006 Epic Movies for Epic People, Generator Projects, Dundee Contemporary Arts
2002 Leicester Short Film Festival
2002 Leeds International Film Festival
2000 Edinburgh International Film Festival
2000 Beckett Time Festival, Glasgow Film Theatre
2001 Kinofilm, Manchester
2000 Premiere Reels, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Works on Paper

Calvino I
After Calvino I (1997)
Calvino II
After Calvino II (1997)